Q & A

Q. What is sexy about the older woman?
A. Her attitude, her confidence.

Q. How young can a tadpole be?
A. Half a woman's age, plus seven. I won't date any man whose mother is younger than I am.

Q. Is internet dating safe?
A. Yes, but beware of the man who describes himself as tall, dark and handsome. More likely, he's a short, fat liar.

Q. How does the older woman keep her weight under control?
A. Don't eat so much!

Q. What looks best on the older body?
A. Conservative, well tailored clothes that don't show your wrinkled old skin.

Q. Worst?
A. Sweat Pants!!

Q. What is the most important thing a woman can do for her face?
A. Keep it out of the sun and moisturize, moisturize.

Q. Is there really life after menopause?
A. Yes, it may even be the best part of your life.

Q. What are the pros and cons of plastic surgery?
A. Pro: You might look better. Con: Beware of Scary Clown Syndrome

Q. What can the older woman do to look glamorous?
A. Don't wear a sweatshirt that says "No. 1 Grandma".

Q. Should the older woman wear makeup?
A. Yes....remember, less is more now.

Q. How do you know if a man is lying?
A. You should assume that some part of everything a man says is a lie. It's a short cut.

Q. Do you recommend removing facial hair?
A. Yes, as soon as you have read this.