For all the women who remember the phenomenal bestseller Sex and The Single Girl, and who bought copies of The Rules for their daughters, FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY AND SEXY AT SIXTY is the grown-up woman's guide to a new life, full of tricks and tips for looking and feeling your best, no matter what your age!

More about the Book:
Ladies, are you ready to beat the stuffing out of mother nature and show the world just how fablous you are? A sexy woman is one who exudes confidence. FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY AND SEXY AT SIXTY is all about tricks for staying glamorous and fit and dynamic. This is the guide you need to give your wardrobe a chic makeover and your body a gravity defying workout.

You'll learn to survive being suddenly single, find your way back into the dating scene, and discover what men really like. Here you'll find the important questions to ask your doctor before considering plastic surgery and a complete guide to dating younger men (Are you a Cougar?). Full of woman to woman advice and spiced with a sense of humor that can only be earned by living. FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY AND SEXY AT SIXTY is a salute to the new generation of vital, successful and gorgeous older women. Here's to you, Ms. Robinson!