JUDY STEINBERG began her career in television production in the middle sixties.  Her specialty was musical variety, and she worked with many great performers, such as  Bob Hope, Dick Van Dyke, Debbie Reynolds, Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, John Davidson, Steve Martin, Jerry Van Dyke and the Smothers Brothers, where she stayed for the last two years of their CBS series.  She was married to comedian David Steinberg for 25 years, during which time she worked on many of his film, television and performing  engagements.  Judy was one of two dozen people who sang with John Lennon, on  the recording of Give Peace A Chance, which has become the world's anthem for peace.

More recently, Judy co-wrote The Ropes and Fabulous After Fifty and Sexy At Sixty, published by Dutton. She has done many radio and television interviews, including The  Today Show and Good Morning America. Judy has been a featured guest speaker at  Women's Expos and other women's events across the country.  She maintains an ongoing conversation with the older woman through her website, www.judysteinberg.com, where she posts a blog relating to older women's issues and is a contributor at other websites like Vibrant Nation, devoted to the conversation about older women. 

Judy is currently working on two more books.  One is called The Cougar Chronicles, which is a historical examination of famous successful older women and their younger lovers. See Judy's website where she answers the question "What Is A Cougar?".  The other book is  called "Sexy At Seventy", a collection of men and women in their seventies who have figured it out. In addition to her fundraising and support commitments to Gilda's Club and Dezart Performs, Judy is the former President of the Palm Springs Women's Press Club.   She was recently inducted into Pen Women of America, a national organization of writers and artists.  She is an active member of Palm Springs Women in Film & Television, and the Palm Springs Writers Guild. Judy holds the Ms. Senior America 2010 title for San Diego County. She lives in Palm Desert, California, where she falls asleep to the sound of her skin crackling in the heat and dryness.